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wow~I suddently found this~


Really make me sad...I heard some gossip said that Ritchie fought with five...and that 'five' was ABS actually...but I don't think that was the true...See? They were soooo close! How could they hugged like that if they really fought each other? I don't believe it....oh no~~~(this girl is being crazy...)

I L-O-V-E this picture anyway....always the sweetest thing in the world ----- *Friendship*!!

money money

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I Love Money....hehee~

Today I earned $165 by selling my accounting book and comic poster, in fact, I used more than $160 when I went out with Jess and Tabby at sunday, so I just call it "get back my money"...but nevermind, I'll sell another accounting book tomorrow which can bring me $65, happy~

Unfortunately, my maths book can't attract anybody, and I think my Chinese Language & Culture book is too old that I even don't want to sell it...anyway, I think selling goods is too tired, I need to waiting and go to different you know, I'm a very very lazy people...

It's tuesday now...when will I receive the CD I bid last thursday? I really want it now....I will keep loving five as I keep finding and hearing more and more great songs of them, thery still damn hot in my heart!


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It's TERRIBLE!! Can't help my hands shaking now~~I just taste the feeling of death...well, I have a little bit exaggerate. So what's up? I just went to borrow my DVD to Tabby, the terribile thing which really scary me was, a lad and 4 women enter the lift, and when the lift rise to about 12th floor, it fell down suddenly! I thought I'll die...but the lift stop at 12th floor after it shaked(everyone who ever visited my house would know that the lift of my building would not stop at every floor, and the display light will show that you are at 1th floor, then 4th floor, 7th floor and so on...), so I don't know which floor we actually in...

All I pray in my heart was leave!!! The lad and women were toooooo damn calm...I don't think they were normal....or did they pretending? as I'm pretending I'm alright, yes i did...Thanks God the lift get back to normal few minutes later, so we don't have to seek help from Fireman!!

But it's still terrible, I can't think any other words to describe my emotion at the moment, it's really not F-U-N!

Karaoke again

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Having fun, Jess and tabby went to Neway, we sang a lot of songs, but Jess were sick and they were so "timing", we just sang 2 hours, no more time and no more songs...damn....I still have many songs of westlife had not sang...

Went to karaoke with Jess and Tabby was a really really special experience...we sang many strange and funny old songs, since Jess were sick, me and tabby had to non-stop singing, feels like concert but it's killing me anyway...

As I said earlier, we just had 2 hours in Neway so it's about 1:25pm when we had to leave, we went to change the books, and go to shopping. We decided shopping in Langham Place, a terrible place...but it's beautiful than I had imagined, me and Jess were shopping in Langham Place before, we just strolled around and thinking it's too boring and the things they selling are too expensive for us. This time we leave the first 3 "ladies floor" and went to 5th floor, we finally found something cheaper and younger that would be more fit us^^

Letter to u

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Just to remind all of you, I'm tired of writing my diary, cos there is nothing special enough to write to diary please feel free to check my website if you REALLY care about me, or just want to know my lastest news~whatever...coz I rather update my site than my diary~thank you~ might miss something important to me if you just visiting here, I mean it......

anyway, thank you for visit my diary and I know you are thinking of me...

SPECIAL thank you to Jess, who talk to me last night, you made me feel better

I would love to say thank you to all of my friends, so I gonna give this song to all of you, especially Jess, too, because you worth it

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